Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#6 Granddaughter

This blogging business is harder than it looks... it's been six months since I've been here! Not only do I struggle with the writing - which is the whole reason I wanted to blog in the first place... I want to be a better writer, for my own personal growth, not because I have a need to 'entertain' others - even though, I think there are two reasons I like to read other blogs... to learn and to be entertained - but, with trying to sell the house, all the projects, all the cleaning, I put my stitchery in the closet and forgot about it. Now I've got the holidays to blame...

At any rate, this little square was stitched in June... I just didn't get to the blogging part...

Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old.
Mary H. Waldrip

Everything you've ever heard about grandchildren is true. Still, no matter how many times you've been told, nothing prepares you for what a powerful impact that little being makes on your life. You think you love your lover, or your children, with all your heart, but surprise! there is even more for that grandchild! This square is my little Kitty Kat.